Prism Light Pod

Prism Light Pod

Prism Light Pod is a FDA registered class 11 medical device.  Light pod sessions are private individual session that are safe, non invasive and optimized for:

Amelia Hair & Therapy Spa

Red light Therapy Treatments

What Our Client Says

"Best salon in town! Where do I begin?? I was suffering with a very strange and undiagnosed skin rash. With research, I learned about red light therapy and found Amelia Hair and Spa has a top of the line red light therapy bed. I’ve been going since February and my skin has cleared up completely. It has done wonders. Plus, I often over do it on my workouts and 15-minutes in the red light bed is 100 times better than heating pads and Advil. I’m back to form in no time. And getting to take a 15-minute nap is the best part of my day."

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